A Cover for a Wargames Book

 I've just finished a piece of cover art for an upcoming version of the table top wargame titled, simply, Quick and Easy Wargame, though that title may be changed in the upcoming version.  This book has been published by a small press guy named Clayton J. Callahan, who writes all the material he sells.  The game is pretty fun and his role-playing game, Star Run, looks pretty fun too (though I haven't played it yet myself).  He's pulled from his own experience serving in the U.S. armed forces and local law enforcement to put together some very helpful reference material for gamers to add some depth to these aspects of their games.  Check out his website, there's some cool stuff there:

On the left, here, there's a detail from the cover image, but look in my portfolio for the full image. 


Some Graphic Design

I recently finished a project making some graphic design type stuff for a massage therapist.  The project included a logo featuring an abstract figure and the therapist's name (Alyssa Richardson), as well as a business card and a logo for her website.  I've added the logo with her name on my portfolio.


Changing Things Up...

I've decided to change the focus a bit on this site.  I'll be changing things around a bit in the near future and I've gotten rid of all my old blog post that kind of rambled.  I've only left two since they more or less have to do with something art related.



Advertisements of the Future!

Here's an ad for Joy Cola, a ubiquitous product of the future.  My friend's sci-fi setting for his novel is brimming with commercialism.  This is a concept I did for him of how Joy Cola might advertise.   I'm still playing with ideas for the can design.  This is the third variation.  Below you can see my first stab at it.  I liked it at first, but it had legibility issues.  At a distance, the logo just looked like a white squiggle as the white lettering blended in with the aluminum background.  I'm not quite sure this is a final deign yet, but I like the direction.

  I thought I'd share this WIP version.


I thought it would be fun to play with the language.  This story is set thousands of years from now and it makes sense that English should have evolved in that time.  A thousand years ago, English sounded much different than it does today.  Almost like German.  Rather than design a whole new version of English of the 50th Century, I decided just to change the way spelling works.  This way it looks foreign, but with a little bit of effort, it can be read.  The Chinese, on the other hand, is just regular Mandarin.  I culled it from an on-line translator so it may or may not accurately express the thought I hoped it would



Back At It...

A good friend of mine from way back has been a writer of stories for about as long as I've known him.  He's working on adapting one of his short novels into an audio drama that he is planning a yet to be launched website around in hopes of drumming up some publicity for his work.  He asked me to illustrate some of his story and I've begun in earnest.  I posted the first picture, a young woman from the story which I don't want to spoil anything about.  I'll post a link to his site when it's up, but no word yet on when that'll be.  

Check her out in my portfolio section!