The Bumglove is Back!

I first drew this picture several years ago.  It is one of my very favorite drawings of mine and it has a storied past.  One day a friend of mine (Kelli) was over and saw it and loved it.  But I too loved it and couldn't part with it.  So I did something unprecedented for me and I drew it again.  I managed to copy my original pretty closely and I gave it to her.  She was very happy and kept it proudly displayed.  Fast forward a couple years and I am invited to display some pictures in an art show.  This is one of the pieces I brought, but in order to display it a bit nicer than I had before, I mounted it to a sheet of MDF that I had painted black.  It looked great and everyone at the show enjoyed it as well.  Sometime thereafter, I got married and moved away.  Somehow during the move, the sheet of MDF I had this picture permanently affixed to was broken, ruining the artwork.  Crap.  So as I was starting to work on this website, I was lamenting the loss of the Bumglove picture.  I still have the remains of the original and I seriously thought about trying to stitch it up in Photoshop and post a frankensteined version of it.  But then Lo! I remembered the one I had made for Kelli!  I hadn't seen her much since I got married and moved, but I called her up to see if she still had the second one I made.  Sure enough, she still has it proudly displayed on her wall, so I asked if she'd bring it over for me to photograph for the site and she was gracious enough to do so.  Thanks be to Kelli for saving one of my favorite pictures I've ever drawn! 

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