I'm looking for work as a freelance illustrator.  The main point of this website is to promote my artwork and provide a place for potential clients to see the sort of work I'm capable of.  I would love to be able to illustrate books or maybe even do some sort of graphic design or print ad work.  I've also always wanted to work in producing movies.  I've helped out a few random people with concept art for their fan films, and I'd love to do more such work.  

Besides illustrative art, I also enjoy sculpting and model building.  I've built kits of a little bit of everything, but mostly I find myself drawn to sci-fi subjects.  Recently I've been more interested in historical subjects as well.  In addition to fine scale modeling, I also enjoy the occasional table-top wargame or role-playing game and I enjoy building models for use in those games.  For the past several years, I've done more scratch building than kit building.  I find it rewarding to craft objects from raw materials or, even better, to realize my own designs in a dimensional form.  

I've drawn continually throughout my life and I hope you enjoy my work.






The picture on this page is me, but suitably edited in Photoshop to make me seem somewhat more awesome than I am in person.  I hope you won't be too disappointed by the lack of sweet explosions if you ever meet in the flesh.     --Alex