Sexy Girl Skeletor

I was talking with a friend about something, I forget what, and the conversation eventually ended with someone wanting to see a sexy girl version of Skeletor from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  So I sketched this up.

Later I decided to color it. I tried another version that was more authentic to the original Skeletor's costume, but then added the undershirt, as I don't really want my website to have any NSFW images. 

I really like how the atmosphere turned out on this one.




A Touch of Art Nouveau

Late Nineteenth Century artist Alphonse Mucha has always been one of my favorites.  His Art Nouveau posters and commercial art from 1895 through 1912 has always been high on my list.

I wanted to try to emulate his style a bit so I combined elements of the composition of Mucha's 1897 work Fruit with an image of a good friend of mine.

I asked my friend what she should be holding, as I didn't really want to just use fruit like in Mucha's piece.  She suggested a bunny.  I think it works.

The caption reads, "Beaute Intemporelle," French for "Timeless Beauty."  I used French as the majority of Mucha's work was done in Paris.  Seemed appropriate.


Yup... That IS a Mermaid Riding a Unicorn

I couldn't think of something to draw, and a friend suggested (I'm sure facetiously) that I draw a mermaid riding a unicorn.

Done and done.


A Cover for a Wargames Book

 I've just finished a piece of cover art for an upcoming version of the table top wargame titled, simply, Quick and Easy Wargame, though that title may be changed in the upcoming version.  This book has been published by a small press guy named Clayton J. Callahan, who writes all the material he sells.  The game is pretty fun and his role-playing game, Star Run, looks pretty fun too (though I haven't played it yet myself).  He's pulled from his own experience serving in the U.S. armed forces and local law enforcement to put together some very helpful reference material for gamers to add some depth to these aspects of their games.  Check out his website, there's some cool stuff there:

On the left, here, there's a detail from the cover image, but look in my portfolio for the full image. 


Some Graphic Design

I recently finished a project making some graphic design type stuff for a massage therapist.  The project included a logo featuring an abstract figure and the therapist's name (Alyssa Richardson), as well as a business card and a logo for her website.  I've added the logo with her name on my portfolio.